Waxing & Sugaring

Pricing for wax/sugar:


lip/chin $8+

back/chest $44+

brows $14+

bikini/ brazilian $35/$50+

underarms $20+

half/full leg $35/$55+

We use a soft wax that requires strips the remove the wax. Typically used on large areas like the legs.

Hard wax that makes its own strip and does not stick to the skin which makes it less irritating and can be used on the face, underarms and bikini area.

Sugaring is all natural without added chemicals or harsh additives and is room temperature so will never burn the skin. It is also great for those extremely sensitive areas. Most people feel sugaring is the least painful.

Sugaring and waxing are both effective hair removal techniques and our staff are highly trained in both methods. Because sugaring can be performed with less than two weeks of growth, the hair is consistently (if performed regularly) removed while in the Antigen stage of hair growth. Removing the hair in the Antigen stage detaches it from its “food source” (dermal papilla). Over time, this causes the follicle wall to collapse and can make the follicle unable to grow a new hair. The more you sugar, the less and less the hair will come back and the finer it will be.

At this time, we perform only female intimate waxing or sugaring.

Does it hurt? Depending on the person and the area being worked on, the first couple times are the worse and actually becomes easier over time. It’s like a Band-Aid!
Virtually any part of the body can be waxed or sugared.
• eyebrow
• chin/upper lip/face
• leg waxing
• arm
• underarm
• feet/hands
• chest/back
• bikini/Brazilians(female only)

All clients deserve to be offered their hair removal services in a safe and sanitary environment, we follow sanitary precautions for all hair removal. We use clean sheets, towels, gloves, waxing sticks, tweezers, scissors, waxing strips, etc. for each client.

We cannot wax or sugar if the client is on Accutane, Retin-A or Antibiotics

  • Hair must be ¼ in. growth (or 4-6 weeks) for waxing
  • Hair must be 1/16 in. growth (or 1 ½ – 2 weeks) for sugaring
  • Exfoliation prior to any waxing or sugaring appointment is key for the best results

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